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Tut Of The Month

Tut of The Month: Accessing And Controling The Camera With HTML5

Our Pick for Oct. 2012 —
For a long time one of the most astonishing features that made flash as the premiere technology for integrating multimedia into the web was it's ability to access and control a user's camera on their computer. Fast forward to the advent of HTML5 and this is no longer the case as camera control can happen right within your browser without any plugins.This month's Tut of the Month is an awesome tutorial by David Walsh which succinctly breaks down how to achieve this with rather surprisingly simple code.

Tut of The Month: Reverse Engineer An Awesome CSS3 Menu With jQuery Fallback For Older Browsers

Our Pick for Sept. 2012 —
Typically we try to select a tutorial that is free to the masses but this month's pick is so good, we had to make an exception. In order to get the actual step by step tutorial you need to be a premium member on tutsplus, but the good people over at webdesigntuts+ posted a link to the final result of the tutorial and if you're nosy like us and enjoy finding out how a cool technique is achieved, putting in the work is well worth it. Kudos to webdesigntuts+ and for putting together such an awesome tutorial.

Tut of The Month: CSS Sprite Sheets

Our Pick for August 2012 —
Even though this month's pick for Tut of the Month isn't technically a tutorial, we decided to go with an article on CSS sprite sheets by James Duquenoy — published on webdesigntuts+. Besides giving a general overview on the ins and outs of using and creating sprite sheets,  the highlight of the article is its introduction of SpriteMe — a free bookmarklet-based sprite sheet tool that will generate both a sprite sheet and accompanying css from any website using individual images.

Tut of The Month: Create a Customized HTML5 Audio Player

Our Pick for May 2012 —
Our pick for this month's edition of Tut of the Month features a great breakdown on how to create a custom HTML5 audio player by Aaron Lumsden's — published on webdesigntuts+. The tutorial shows how to build the player with HTML and CSS along with making it come to life with jQuery.

Tut of the Month:
A New Feature Showcasing The Best Creative Tutorials On The Web

Tutorial websites has become an invaluable resource for creative professionals, especially for web designers and developers (duh!). Whether it's to learn a new trick, study an entirely new topic or download freebies — the amount of tutorials out there is immense. If you're like us and you're always looking to hone your skills and learn something new, sifting through all the different articles, tutorials and quick tips that peak your interest can be overwhelming. That's why we have created Tut of the Month — a monthly feature highlighting our pick for the best tutorial we've come across on the web.

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