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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flash Community Says Goodbye To Activetuts+ — The Premiere Resource For Flash And AS3

Flash Community Says Goodbye To Activetuts+ — The Premiere Resource For Flash And AS3

As an avid reader, supporter and occasional author of Activetuts+, it was very disappointing news to learn that the site will no longer be publishing new content moving forward. I've been using Flash since version MX and I can honestly say I learned alot from this little ol' website.

launched in 2009 as Flashtuts+ and it's focus was just that — a site dedicated to teaching everything and anything with Flash. From full websites, animations to games and apps, Activetuts+ in my opinion has been the premiere source for Flash articles and tutorials. I can't tell you how many long nights I spent working away on a project jumping back and forth between Flash and my browser with a tabbed Activetuts+ webpage.

I will definitely miss seeing an email from Activetuts+ in my inbox about their latest posting. Reading the latest from Activetuts+ was part of my daily routine — it help make the long train rides everyday to and from a clients' office feel much shorter. I can thank it for making the transition from AS2 to AS3 much smoother. There has been no better online resource for learning AS3 and understanding OOP. It has really helped me a great deal, not just as a Flash developer but as a developer in general.  It's quite ironic, Activetuts+ is closing due to change in the industry from Flash to HTML5 but for me personally, it helped lay the foundation for learning other programming languages. There has been no book I've read or class I've taken on Flash or AS3 that compares to the principles and techniques I learned by simply going onto Activetuts+.

Great job Activetuts+ and to all the writers, editors and readers who have supported this great little site.

Here's a list of some of the best, most useful and a few of my personal favorite Activetuts+ posts:


Ultimate Timeline Lite Starter Guide

Learn HTML5 With This Simple Avoider Game Tutorial 

Introduction to QuickBox2D

Quick Tip: Fullscreen Timeline Presentation

Enhance Your Flash Layouts with Draggable Windows

Quick Tip: How to Communicate Between Flash and JavaScript

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